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Zephyr, PE

Zephyr has a rare talent for rendering technical content in creative formats. The artistic project

may be driven by an intention that is educational, celebratory, documentary, or persuasive.

Depending on the needs of the project, Zephyr can work well independently, with a partner,

or in multi-party collaboration.


(310) 658-6240



  •                                       35 years in construction management

  •                             26 years with a public works owner (LACSD)

  •                           4 years with a public works contractor (Kiewit)

  •           1 year with a private sector contractor (Howard S. Wright)

  •                                                       BSCE, Stanford University

  •                                                      MSCE, Stanford University

  •                      Returned Peace Corps Volunteer, 1992-94, Ghana

  •                                                          Fluor Foundation Fellow

  •                   Author, The Advocacy, an environmental justice novel

Persons who find their experience to be outside of categories, persons of duality or multiplicity -

concurrent and nonconcurrent, as well as persons of all genders, expressions of gender,

sexual orientations, races, ethnicities, ages, abilities, and spiritual perspectives are welcome.

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