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In the tradition of Ray Castellino, Zephyr facilitates Womb Surround Process Workshops. This unique modality developed by Dr. Castellino engenders a high level of trust and choice among participants, laying the foundation for deep personal transformation nurtured by the health and safety of a resonant field.

Workshop Format

This workshop is conducted in person. There may be four to seven participants in the workshop. The duration of the workshop is four to five days, depending upon the number of participants. Each person will have a turn and, the following day, a debrief. Every participant brings the spirit of mutual cooperation and support to the group, and forms part of the surround for the turn person.

Womb Surround Process Workshops are grounded in the prenatal and perinatal (PPN) principles formulated and refined by Ray Castellino over decades of working in this form. The principles will be shared at the outset of the workshop, as they provide the fundamental container for the work.

This workshop is experiential and easily accessible to laypersons with no knowledge of the PPN field. Every person has implicit somatic memory of their own birth, which inherently serves as a personal reference and guide.

This workshop is not constellation work. Although participants may inhabit the energetics of family members of the turn person, when this happens, it happens organically and is not directed by the facilitator. Participants are never acting a role. Interactions are authentic expressions of each participant’s present experience.

This workshop is not regressive. There is no attempt to place the turn person into a prenatal or infantile state to re-experience their past. Such an approach has been shown to put the individual at risk of being re-traumatized.

This workshop supports the individual to fulfill an intention that serves their present life. In the course of exploring the intention and what may be blocking its fulfillment, an early imprint may arise. The workshop provides a strong, safe container within which the turn person may engage the imprint. Such engagement can transform energy previously locked within the imprint into a depth of resource that affords choice. The turn person gains freedom to recognize multiple options and to exercise discernment as to which option best serves their intention in the present moment. In addition to appreciating the implications of the turn person’s work for their own lives, participants in the surround learn to form “I” statements and provide accurate reflection. Differentiation and role clarification are key aspects of the work.


To request an application, please contact Kilometer Thirteen at

Upcoming Workshops in Santa Monica, California

August       09 - 12, 2024

August       23 - 26, 2024

September 13 - 16, 2024

October     04 - 07, 2024

October     18 - 21, 2024

November  15 - 18, 2024

December   06 - 09, 2024

December   27 - 30, 2024

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