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Construction Management

Melissa Fischer, PE

aka Zephyr

Zephyr specializes in specifying milestones and work sequencing. Zephyr has extensive experience

working collaboratively in multi-party contexts, interviewing and eliciting crucial information to refine understanding of key work constraints. Zephyr communicates well with operational personnel,

design engineers, architects, superintendents, hands-on labor, industry organizations, and regulators.

Zephyr is familiar with the contexts of regulatory entities, public agencies, utilities, cities,

county and state jurisdictions, and public works contractors. Zephyr is available to review

 specifications drafted by others, as well as to develop initial draft specifications.


(310) 658-6240



  •                                       35 years in construction management

  •                             26 years with a public works owner (LACSD)

  •                           4 years with a public works contractor (Kiewit)

  •             1 year with a commercial contractor (Howard S. Wright)

  •                                                       BSCE, Stanford University

  •                                                      MSCE, Stanford University

  •                      Returned Peace Corps Volunteer, 1992-94, Ghana

  •                                                          Fluor Foundation Fellow

  •                   Author, The Advocacy, an environmental justice novel

Persons who find their experience to be outside of categories, persons of duality or multiplicity -

concurrent and nonconcurrent, as well as persons of all genders, expressions of gender,

sexual orientations, races, ethnicities, ages, abilities, and spiritual perspectives are welcome.

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